Each homebuyer has different ideas of what will constitute the ideal home, but one thing that unites all potential buyers is the desire for a home that is fundamentally sound, safe and comfortable. This is where the services of a reputable home inspector come into play. During the home inspection, many important areas of a home are examined closely. These include:

1. Structural Problems:

Your home inspector will inform you of minor or major structural problems. Common in older homes, these can range from cracks in the plaster to small shifts in the foundation, as examples, and can be the result of poor design or construction techniques, improper structural alteration, water damage, etc. Such problems should be taken care of before they escalate or become a major expense.

2. Drainage/Grading...

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If you are a current homeowner considering the purchase of a new house, chances are you’re wondering what your strategy should be: Do you wait to find the perfect new home before putting your current home on the market? Or, do you sell first and then look around? You do have options. The following general guide can help you explore what might be the best for you.

Sell First

There are several benefits to selling your current home before searching for your next one. First of all, once you have sold your house, you will know precisely how much money you have to work with. With a concrete price range, you’ll be able to narrow the pool of houses before you begin looking, and negotiate accordingly. This will allow you to make immediate and firm offers on homes you are serious about purchasing....

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Your home is a large asset and selling it requires thought and strategy. Once your home is on the market, the process may move very quickly, so you need to ensure you’re ahead of the game. Your property has the best chance of selling within the first few weeks on the market, thus getting it into top selling shape before it hits the market can increase your chances of selling within the desired time frame and at top dollar.

Seize control of the home-selling process with these 5 general tips:

1. Determine Why You Want to Sell

Identifying the reason(s) why you want sell your home will help direct the path you take in the home-selling process. The goal of making a quick sale on your current home because you have already purchased a new home, for example, will require a different approach than...

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